Located in Annapolis, Maryland. Thyme + Stain LLC provides custom heirloom furnishings with a focus on repurposing the past in a timeless artistic direction. Each item is handchosen and reimagined to create sharp detailed furnishings.

perfectly repurposed

Every home faces this scenario; what to do with outdated furniture? This is where Thyme + Stain comes in, to create a unique design, tailored to your needs and style, thus giving new life to a piece from the past.


alison's closet

This carefully curate collection is designed and produced all by Alison, the lead designer and owner. Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources so the closet collection is ever changing. Check back often to see what's new.

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Treat your client to a unique opportunity to own a one of a kind piece. Thyme + Stain is here to repurpose existing furnishings that need to be incorporated into your design or to source & producing new furnishings to complete the dream look for your client's space.

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